As EBDA member you benefit from

  • Having Arabic Demeter Guidelines;

  • Receiving a free issue of our biodynamic crop production newsletter;

  • Technical advisory & consultation in all biodynamic agricultural and horticultural fields, crops production, livestock production, and fertilization. There are two visits during the growing season;

  • Participating in conferences, seminars and meetings with farmers;

  • Receiving an updated list on bio-control;

  • Supplying our member farms with biodynamic preparations free of charge;

  • Having an annual biodynamic sowing and planting calendar;

  • Help in compost production (on farm site);

  • Receiving some seeds & seedling that have been organically produced;

  • EBDA membership entitles you to register at Demeter and to have a Demeter certificate;

  • Help regarding marketing channels;

  • Participation in EBDA training programs. 

To join EBDA

  • Make a request to our membership team and fill the application [LINK]. Our team will call you back to complete membership steps.

  • Pay annual subscription fees (LINK) for a year in advance and received a copy of the Egyptian Demeter guideline.

  • EBDA Extension team will visit your farm within month from application date and put work plan for converting your farm to biodynamic.