Our Clients

Eng. Zakaria Shams

El-Shams Group Chairman 

Eng. Omar Raslan 

First Secratry of the former - Raslan Farm Owner

Mr. Hussien Fakhry

Fakhry Co. Chairman - Fakhry Farm Owner

Ms. Shrifa Rashad 

Fakhry Co. - Shrifa Rashad Farm Owner 

Eng. Shrief MaghrabI 

Magrabi Agriculture - MAFA Chairman 

Eng. Moustafa Mabrouk 

Magrabi Agriculture - MAFA Farms Manager

Dr. Shrief Abdel Maksoud 

Dr. Shrief Abdel Maksoud Farm Owner

Mr. Ayman Said Shaban 

Ayman Shaban Farm owner 

Eng. Mohamed Aziz 

Mepaco Farm Manager 

Dr. Soliman Dawood

Soliman Dawood Farm Owner 

Eng. Mohamed Said Gaballh

Sakaran Farm Manager 

Eng. Tark Moustafa 

Mohamed Moustafa Farm Owner 

Eng. Ahmed Khaled AbouKhatwa 

Khaled AbouKhatwa Farm Owner

Mr. Ahmed Yousef El-Azab 

El-Azab Farm Owner

Mr. Yasser Madawy  

Madawy Farms Owner 

Mr. Ayman Anter


Mr Ali Abou Heram 

Abou Heram Farms Owner

Mr. Abdel Nasser Mohsen