Fees for Training Courses
For non-Egyptians:

1. Training  Program:           65-100 Euro / day / person

2. Workshops:                      80 Euro for individual participants
                                             60 Euro for groups with more than three participants

3. Accommodation:          50 Euro/ day  / person at the Ecohotel at the Farm (full stay including dinner)


For Egyptians:

1. Training Program:               500-800 LE / day / person

2. Workshops:                       600 LE for individual participants
                                              400 LE for groups with more than three participants


In case of training implementation at the place of delivery of service:


1.  Delivery of lectures (hour/training)


Trainer                                                                      Cost (LE/hour)

Prof. Dr. or equivalent                                               300
Dr. or equivalent                                                        200
Engineer or equivalent                                              150
Recommendations and Follow-Up                            200 LE/day

2. Travel and services

  • Travel and Transportation (training service offered to the customer)

    • Private car: 100 Piastres/km with limit of 100LE/day

    • Company car from the company requesting the training from the headquarters of the Academy (round trip)

  • Travel via plane, train, tourist bus:

    • Prof. Dr., Dr. or equivalent: First class with air conditioning

    • Engineer or equivalent: Second class with air conditioning

  • Accommodation:

    • Prof.Dr, Dr, or equivalent: 3-5 star hotel according to what is available for the entire duration of the stay 

    • Engineer or equivalent: Hotel or hostel with max. 3 stars for h duration of the entire stay

  • Dinner:

    • Prof. Dr., Dr or equivalent:  100 LE/night

    • Engineer or equivalent:  60 LE/night

    • On the day of departure, 30 LE / engineer or 50 LE  /  Prof. Dr. or Dr. or equivalent.

Note: The same conditions for accommodation, dinner and transportation apply for recommendations and follow-up services.

Payment:  20% administrative costs on the total cost of the training program or workshop