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The Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) has been promoting biodynamic agriculture in Egypt since 1994.

EBDA provides the training and expertise needed to enable farmers to have their land inspected and certified as organic according to EU standards, or as biodynamic according to Demeter standard.

Building on expertise and success in the biodynamic cultivation of herbs, cereals and vegetables and through multilateral cooperation with other organizations, EBDA raises awareness of the organic agricultural method that works actively with the life giving forces of nature.

EBDA was the first in the world to cultivate and harvest biodynamic cotton in 1991, both on an experimental and a commercial scale. Since 1994 the Egyptian government has been supporting farmers to cultivate organic cotton. A direct result was the landmark achievement of reducing the use of synthetic pesticides on cotton in Egypt by over 90%, from over 35,000 tonnes per year to about 3,000 tonnes. At the same time, the average yield of raw cotton increased by almost 30%.

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