The Egyptian Biodynamic Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs under the No.: 336/96. EBDA was established in 1990 with the aim to promote organic and biodynamic agriculture in Egypt. EBDA started in 1990 with the area of  2669 feddan now we are working with more than 7000 feddan throw 2011, Over more than 20 years EBDA provides its members with technical support and consulting, training and applied research and required experinces in Biodynamic agriculture field according to DEMTER stander in addtion to adminstrate DEMTER trade marke on Egypt. 
Cultived Cotton bio-dinamically on of the beggest succeful challenges for EBDA, it is the first on the world can cultivate and produce cotton bio-dinamically in 1991 on both of  research and commercial level, results of that average of cotton revenuse increased by 30% with agood quality of fiber combering with cintventional one. 
Before the introduction of biodynamic farming in Egypt, 36,000 tons of chemical pesticides were sprayed annually. Since our activities, this amount dropped by 90% according to UN and FAO reports in 2000.