Technology Transfer


EBDA extension staff provides technical assistance in organic/biodynamic agriculture to approximately 200 farms and 7 companies all over Egypt with a total area of 10.000 acres covering most agriculture sectors such as cultivation, production, post harvest and bio-control for field crops, vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants, and compost.

The extension department develops and updates technical handouts for biodynamic production of Cotton, Sesame, Rice, Green Beans, Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber and Medicinal and Aromatic plant.

Extension staff implemented 5 compost tea machines to our member farms and built 4 fermentor units. 



Farmer meeting
Monthly meetings are held every first Monday of the month at EBDA headquarters in order to discuss two main topics.The first topic is the philosophy and concept of biodynamic farming, and aims to raise the cultural and social background of EBDA members. The second subject covers markets and problems related to farmers’ products.


EBDA has a group of experts covering all aspects of organic farming, including plant nutrition, soil science, microbiology, plant protection, drying, etc. who provide their services to EBDA members.