Feasibility studies

EBDA has a team of experts in various fields which is able to carry out turnkey feasibility studies on organic farming, such as:

  • ICA (Institute of Culture Affairs) Biodynamic module farm study .

  • Study to establish an organic farm for Abu-Dhabi organic company in El-Adla, Soyhan. The study includes two topics: the first one was to start immediately to cultivate 50 ha (500 Donam); the second was to complete a feasibility study for the total area which means 700 ha .

  • Emirates Co. For Trading & Investment study (Establish subsurface drainage net work  - cultivated crops and technique to management it organically- primary study for the farm El-Bostan (Citrus) - Biological control - establish calf feeding project (700 animals / 6 months) - sweet pepper production under the net house for export - compost production unit) .

  • A study on the conversion from conventional to biodynamic agriculture for Dandera .

  • Establishing drying factory in El-Minia for the company Lotus .

  • Feasibility studies for the new farms in Sinia, El-Wahat, El-Minia, Asiut and El-Ismailia for the company SEKEM for Land Reclamation. The main goal to these studies is to fulfil the requirements of the SEKEM companies for their agricultural products, helping to alleviate unemployment problems in the society, initiate new urban communities in these three desert locations and contributing towards increasing the flow of hard currency to the Egyptian economy .

  • Implementation study to establish an organic centre in Abu-Dhabi. This centre has a critical role in promoting organic agriculture in UAE .